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"I am a lifelong distance runner, military and commercial pilot, I suffer from lower back pain, sciatica, and hip and knee problems that standard modern medicine just couldn’t adequately address. In my search for an answer in alternative or traditional medicine, clinical style acupuncture businesses didn’t appeal to me. Fortunately, I was referred to Nancy Fiacco Powell, whose spa-like treatment includes a mixture of acupuncture, herbal and aroma therapy that really works. When I began treatment with Nancy, just walking was uncomfortable, and frequently downright painful, and I hadn’t been able to run consistently for nearly four years. After only a month of treatment, my joints are happy, my sciatica is gone for the first time in years, and I am back to running comfortably once again.
- Kenneth G.

"I had a chronic sprained neck that had been treated for years by chiropractors and various narcotics. Within three treatments I was off all medicine, had absolutely no neck pain -- Nancy combines the best of all healing therapies to make you whole and helps you focus your life on giving your best because you are feeling your best. My Virginia Mason doctor specialists are amazed and very supportive because they see the vast improvement my health has made through Nancy's treatments."
- Carrie G.

"Nancy's work with Acupuncture and her healing energy work with Reiki, have helped balance me and also immediately relieved my lower back pain. It was quite amazing, as it took only a few treatments to find complete mobility and movement. After I had back spasms and discomfort, I started treatment with her and was back to normal in a short time! She also has done what I call "face lift" therapy for me, her facial rejuvenation
techniques are worth every moment of time and I am thrilled with the results. What I find most beneficial is that she is a natural healer. Nancy uses old ancient techniques and combines them with her own skills, which to me seem endless. She is gentle, kind and yet very powerful, balancing the whole being with her tremendous knowledge of skills. I highly recommend her to all of my friends and family, and everyone agrees she is the best that they have also found."

- Kathleen B.

"Nancy has been treating me with Acupuncture, Reiki, Aromatherapy , Chinese Herbs as well as nutrition counseling since early 2005. Her treatment technique and her own personal energy is healing and calming. Nancy takes time each session to discuss in depth any changes in my life or health so that her treatment is geared to my specific needs. The benefits of her treatments have been too numerous to mention. She has become a part of my weekly whole health plan for my body, mind and spirit and I can’t imagine not having the benefits of her work in my life."
- Shari Z.

"Nancy Fiacco Powell is one of the best acupuncturists on the planet (in my humble opinion). I highly recommend her for facial rejuvenation (wrinkles disappear and stay away) and reiki. Nancy knows what she's doing, stays current on techniques and a lovely human being, whom I consider a dear friend."
- Marilyn P.

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